Episodes of heavy rain flowing Serekaniye camp in Eastern Syria

During the past few days, the camp of Serekaniye, located in the Northeastern province of Al-Hassaka experienced periods of heavy rainfalls which turned the place into a muddy swamp and resulted in the destruction of several tents.
The Target Media Platform just published several pictures from inside the camp which displays the scope of the damage, the thousands of displaced residents are currently subjected to as their tents were flooded with water and are therefore more prone to insects spreading inside and diseases breaking out.
The heavy rain falls severely exacerbated the living conditions of the forcefully displaced camp inhabitants who were coerced to flee their hometown following the deadly Turkish incursion in 2019, perpetrated with the help of Ankara-backed oppositional militias.
The camp of Serekaniye currently houses 12,739 persons whereby dozens of camps are further situated in North and East Syria, containing thousands of forcibly displaced civilians as a result of Turkey’s subsequent occupation of large parts of Northern Syria, notably the city of Afrin. However, Syrians are also vastly escaping those areas that are under the control of the Damascus regime forces, hoping to find refuge in North and East Syria.

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