Most recent attacks in Northeastern Syria causing several casualties

According to media sources and reports from Human Rights Organizations, successive bomb- and drone strikes have shaken the fragile Northeastern region of Syria, leading to several civilian casualties and injuring dozens.

Recent attacks were hitting the cities of Qamislo and Tel Temir, including the villages of Matmoura, Al-Safa, Al-Nuwaihat and Tel Al-Ward as well as the city of Ain Issa, killing and severely wounding members of the Syrian Democratic Forces, who had been fighting ISIS in the last recent years.
During the bombardment of the city of Tirbespiyê/Al-Qahtaniyya, which took place a couple of days ago, one person was killed and two additional civilians were severely wounded, including locally eminent and popular poet Ferhad Merdê.

Meanwhile, the Turkish-backed and Syrian National army affiliate terrorist group „Hamza Division“ has reportedly sprayed an elementary school with machine gun fire, fatally wounding ten children.
As the Russian-Ukrainian war unrestrictedly continues and the warfare steadily intensifies, the Turkish State has exploited the current political situation for asserting its own political interests and continuing its aggressive attacks in Northeastern Syria, aiming to crush the Autonomous Administration in its very core.

While the world has shifted its attention to the ongoing war in Ukraine, particularly after the massacre of Bucha and Islamic countries are widely announcing temporary ceasefires, the region of Northeastern Syria is still not spared from Turkey’s violent aggressions and bomb attacks and therefore, the overall suffering and killing continues, silently condoned by the international community of states.


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