Christopher Miller to Target Platform: “The caliphate and the military power of ISIS may have fallen, but the war is still ongoing. The next step is to combat the drug empire.”

Syria in general, and especially the northeastern regions of the country, have witnessed a lot of significant changes and developments in recent years. These range from the war against the terrorist organization ISIS to the continuous attacks and threats from Turkey in northeast Syria. Additionally, tensions have recently escalated between the international coalition on one side, and Russia and Iran on the other side, on Syrian soil. Not to mention the issue of drug trade and smuggling.

In an exclusive interview with former US Secretary of Defense under President Trump, Christopher Miller, Target Media asked several questions regarding important issues and files pertaining to Syria and the region. These include the war against ISIS, the roles of Russia, Iran, and Turkey within Syria, as well as the upcoming steps for the United States and its priorities in Syria. The interview also touched upon the responsibilities of the international community towards the Syrian crisis and the challenges it faces.

Below is the full video of the exclusive interview conducted by Target Media with former US Secretary of Defense, Christopher Miller:


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