In front of their destroyed clinic … The Health Committee to “Target”: The Turkish bombardment deprived 100,000 people of medical services

Kobane – Omar Mohammed

Turkish warplanes have bombed the „Mashta Nour“ medical center in the city of Kobane, located at the Turkish-Syrian border. This attack resulted in the destruction of the Center, which provides medical services to hundred thousands of civilians in this region. The destruction of this medical center occurred within the framework of Turkish violent attacks that continuously target vital service facilities as well as the infrastructure in North and East Syria, yesterday, on Monday.

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria issued a statement to the public opinion in front of the destroyed center, condemning the Turkish bombardment on service providing facilities, especially hospitals and medical facilities which provide basic services to the residents of the area; these attacks are considered to fall in the framework of war crimes and the targeting of people‘s living conditions.
The statement further considered these attacks to be part of Turkey‘s aspirations to „expand the circle of its occupation in the area to undermine the project of the democratic entity in North and East Syria.
The attacks all targeted service providing facilities and civilian properties, leading to many civilians losing their lives and others being severely injured. In the statement, it was further mentioned that the barrages affected the medical „Mashti Nour“ center, which provides free medical services to the residents as well as parking spots to cars and a private enterprise for building and contracting. It was further stated that this escalation occurred after the failure of Ankara to expand its attacks on the region, while seeking to curtail the residents and targeting their living conditions.
The Co-President of the Health Committee in the Euphrates region Ahmad Mahmoud additionally clarified in his statements to the „Target“ Media Platform that this center, which was targeted by Turkish drone planes, used to host more than 500 patients on a day in different departments of the medical clinics and those responsible for psychological assistance and first-aid provision. Furthermore, it was emphasized that the Turkish bombardment deprived hundred thousands of people from medical services which they used to receive in the center.
Ahmad moreover stated that the Turkish attack resulted in the medical center completely running out of service whereby the consequent losses are estimated to amount to 200 thousand US dollars. In addition, they demanded the organization Doctors Without Borders to take into consideration that this medical center was previously supported by it as well as the World Health Organization and further supporting international stakeholders in order to perform its duties in the wake of the Turkish attacks on service providing and medical facilities in North and East Syria.

„Attacks amounting to war crimes“

From her side, the deputy of the Co-Presidency for the Executive Council to the Euphrates area Mizgin Khalil stated that „the Turkish occupation sharply increased its attacks on the region of North and East Syria, including the Euphrates region, within the few past days“.
She further emphasized that „vital and medical as well as service providing facilities and centers were targeted in order to prevent the peoples in the area from accessing basic sources, necessary for the perpetuation of their living conditions.
Khalil also added in his statements to the „Target“ Media Platform that these attacks amount to the level of war crimes and crimes against humanity. She therefore demanded the international community to hold Turkey accountable for its violations in the region.
Pursuant to Khalil, Turkey attempts to destroy the region since three months and further seeks to undermine the democratic community project by expanding discord between the peoples and targeting civilians and the infrastructure with all means of warfare. At the same time, the Autonomous Administration as well as the Syrian Democratic Council work on the proposition of a new way and solution, seeking to terminate the Syrian Crisis.
On Monday, Turkish drones and warplanes bombed dozens of service providing and vital facilities and infrastructure as well as populated residencies in Qamishli, Amuda and Kobane in North and East Syria, resulting in the killing of 9 civilians and 18 others being wounded, in addition to the heavy destruction of the targeted areas and the majority of the facilities running out of service.
Lastly, it was mentioned that Turkish warplanes had bombed the „Corona“ hospital in November 2022, situated in the city of Kobane. This incident had resulted in the hospital running out of service in addition to the bombardment of many other educational and medical facilities in all areas of North and East Syria including schools, further leading to the disruption of educational services and hundred thousands of students being deprived of education.

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