Airstrikes of Turkish army cause casualties in Qamishli

In today’s early morning hours the continuous tensions in the region escalated when the Turkish army launched a dreadful series of attacks on the peaceful city of Qamishli.

The repercussions of these attacks are egregious: Six innocent civilians lost their lives while nine others were severely injured.

According to information from medical sources, the total number of casualties rapidly increased with six casualties in total and nine others being wounded.

The condition of some of the victims is still critical, pursuant to some local sources.

Still unverified reports further stated that the four killed civilians were all working in the Simaf printing house, both men and women. The exact identities of the deceased persons are currently still being investigated.

The Turkish army extended its attacks not only on Qamishli but also targeted other service providing facilities in the cities of Qamishli and Kobani. The precise motives and reasons behind these attacks still remain unclear.

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