Turkish airstrikes destroy oil stations in northern Syria

Turkish warplanes reportedly targeted oil stations in the Derik-Al-Malikiyah city area of northern Syria in the past few hours, according to information provided by the “Target Platform” correspondent.

According to our correspondent, two airstrikes were conducted on the Odeh oil station in the Terbi Spey region and the eighth station in the Derik region. The attacks resulted in fires breaking out at the stations, which were among the few operational facilities remaining after the Turkish attack last October.

Earlier, on October 5, the Turkish army launched an extensive offensive, targeting more than 25 infrastructure facilities in northern and eastern Syria. These included water filtration plants, power stations, hospitals, schools, and government buildings.

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria reported that over five million citizens were affected by the attacks in the oil sector, including gas and fuel services. A total of 17 sites and vital facilities supplying electricity and gas to the entire region were damaged. The impact led to power outages and affected over two million people.

Moreover, two water facilities sustained damage, resulting in the shutdown of 18 power plants in the Jazira region. Additionally, two hospitals in the Jazira and Kobani regions were rendered completely inoperative, and the educational process was disrupted in 48 educational institutions due to the attacks. Industrial facilities in various areas of Jazira and Kobani were brought to a standstill. In the Rmelan area of Jazira, an academy dedicated to training internal security forces was entirely destroyed.


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