How Geneva unites the world against the threat of ISIS: International meeting for combating terrorism was held 

Geneva – In a groundbreaking two-day conference, delegations from the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria as well as representatives from European and Asian countries and international organizations gathered in Geneva. The aim was to discuss effective strategies to deal with the remaining threats posed by the terrorist organization ISIS.

The discussions, which took place from November 29th to 30th, focused on political, humanitarian and legal aspects. Badran Jiya Kurd, co-chair of the Department of Foreign Relations, emphasized the need for coordinated efforts in a press statement. Kurd highlighted that purely military measures alone are not enough to sustainably defeat the organization. He further explained that the ongoing terrorist threat in the region resulted from recent activities, perpetrated by ISIS cells.

The conference clearly shifted the focus on the pressing issues, faced by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria and the international community. “We are working intensively together to combat terrorism in order to deal with the legacy of ISIS and sustainably stabilize the region”, stated by Jiya Kurd.

While the meeting focused primarily on reducing security risks and curbing ISIS activities, the Autonomous Administration’s challenges regarding detainees and their families were also highlighted as an international issue. A collective commitment was called upon in order to fulfill the shared responsibility of the international community.

The discussion covered in detail the security situation of the camps and detention centers as well as the establishment of rehabilitation centers. Particular attention was paid to the difficult situation of children and minors who were ideologically brainwashed by extremists. The discussion also included reflections on deportation processes and the associated challenges of the Autonomous Administration.

In the context of women and children in camps in Northern Syria, Jiya Kurd emphasized that it is necessary to look for interim solutions, as deportations alone do not constitute an effective solution. The issues were discussed in depth and the importance of a profound coordination of visions was pointed out. Challenges such as the ongoing Turkish aggression against the region were also addressed as it affects counter-terrorism efforts and threatens the security and stability, which in turn is exploited by ISIS.

The Co-Chairman of the Department of External Relations in the Autonomous Administration confirmed the participants’ unity in their vision and underlined the importance of unifying international efforts in the fight against terrorism. It was emphasized that the delicate dilemma should not be left to the Autonomous Administration alone and the need for each party to assume its responsibilities was highlighted.

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