SDF arrests ISIS leader Abu Halil al-Fadaani


The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) released a statement saying that coalition forces handed over Abu Halil al-Fadaani, one of the leaders of ISIS mercenaries, to the SDF. In its statement, the SDF Media Center said that the handover took place in accordance with the strong cooperation between the international coalition forces and the SDF.

The SDF statement reads: “As a result of the strong cooperation and exchange of vital data and intelligence between the SDF and the international coalition in the fight against ISIS gangs in northern and eastern Syria, the international coalition forces captured Abu Helil al-Fadaani, the leader of the ISIS terrorist organization in northern Syria, last Saturday evening.”

The statement continued that the SDF took the terrorist Al-Fadaani in custody after the ISIS leader was captured by the coalition: “Interrogations are currently underway, focusing on his involvement in crimes against our people and his orchestrations of terrorist activities in several countries. Our forces, the Syrian Democratic Forces, wish to underline the enduring strength of our partnership and our unwavering determination to continue joint operations with the International Coalition forces in northern and eastern Syria to permanently eliminate ISIS terror cells.”

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