AANES calls for an independent investigation into Turkish war crimes

The Northern and Eastern Syria Autonomous Administration (AANES) has sent letters to several parties, institutions, personalities, and embassies around the world regarding the crimes committed by the invading Turkish state and its mercenaries in Afrin. In the open letter sent by the Foreign Relations Department of the AANES on the 5th anniversary of the occupation of Afrin, a call was made to end the Turkish occupation and it was also demanded to ensure the safe return of the people of Afrin.
Afrin has been occupied by the Turkish state and its mercenaries since March 18, 2018. In the letter of AANES, it is stated that Afrin was a safe and stable place ruled by the people before the occupation, where every culture, religion, and thought was respected and valued. It was also a haven for some 200,000 people fleeing the scourge of the Syrian war. According to the letter, internally displaced people had settled in Afrin due to its stability and safety.
The statement draws attention to the current precarious state of Afrin: “Today, Afrin suffers from a devastating occupation, terrorism, extremism, confiscation of money and stones, and the forced displacement of its people, not to mention the scale of atrocities such as killing, kidnapping, ransom, the plundering of culture, and systematic genocide against nature, history, and Afrin’s human and cultural makeup and its historical identity.” The latest crime of the Turkish-backed mercenaries in Afrin was the massacre of four Kurdish young men who were celebrating the Kurdish National Day Newroz.
Additionally, the letter marks that an independent investigation should be launched due to the massacres and that all criminals in Afrin and other occupied regions should be held accountable, and international law organizations were called to fulfill their responsibilities and ensure justice. The writing is concluded by giving information about to whom the letter was sent.

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