After the theft of aid supplies: Aid organizations stop working in northern Syria

In Soran, Syria, local and international aid organizations withdrew from the city on Monday after units of the armed Syrian opposition confiscated and stole aid supplies.
Armed units of the so-called “Levante Front” are said to have stolen aid supplies provided by civilian aid organizations for the earthquake-stricken population of Soran. Located in northern Aleppo governorate, Soran is controlled by groups affiliated with the Syrian National Army (SNA) such as the “Levante Front”. Established under Turkish leadership, the SNA brings together various armed opposition factions, all funded and armed by Turkey.
After the withdrawal of the aid organizations, fighting and clashes reportedly broke out between the civilian population and the “Levante Front”. At least 33 people died and 60 were injured in Soran as a result of the earthquake.
Reports have been criticizing in other areas in recent days that SNA factions are confiscating aid. In Afrin in particular, reports show how the local Kurdish population is systematically left out of the relief efforts.

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