„We decided to ally with the SDF for the fight against ISIS“ – Memoir of former US Secretary of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo reveals new details on US relation with Turkey

A memoir from former US Secretary of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo divulges new details on bilateral relations between the US government and the Turkish State regarding the pursued fight against ISIS in North and East Syria.
In his book, titled „Fighting for the America I love“, Mike Pompeo provides many glimpses on the US’ foreign policy towards North and East Syria by stating that „”The Pentagon was not convinced that the Turkish-trained opposition factions had enough strength to defeat the terrorist organization ISIS, so the Syrian Democratic Forces were selected“.
As a matter of fact, Pompeo revealed here that the United States deliberately chose to exclude Turkey from any further operations and plans that sought to defeat ISIS and rather preferred to cooperate with the Syrian Democratic Forces, spearheaded by General Commander Mazlum Abdi.
According to Pompeo, bilateral negotiations took place between former US President Donald Trump and numerous Turkish senior officials regarding the control of the city of Raqqa whereby the United States had two options, either cooperating with the SDF or relying on the Turkish army to defeat ISIS.
In addition, the memoir of the former US Secretary of Foreign Affairs further elaborated that Turkey’s continuous attacks on the region of North and East Syria, especially in 2019, outraged the Pentagon which is why the US government immediately engaged in bilateral relations with the Turkish State for the purpose of instantly ceasing the continuation of the attacks.
The published statements in Pompeo’s new book have indeed stirred indignation within the Turkish government which subsequently lashed out at the former US Secretary by accusing him of disseminating false information and calling him a liar.



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