Official response from the US Ministry of foreign affairs

Upon the request of the Target platform to the US Ministry of foreign affairs regarding the latest incidents and developments in North and East Syria, particularly Turkey’s role and involvement, the following response was delivered by a spokesperson from the State Department.

First of all, the US Ministry of Foreign Affairs urged all conflict parties to immediately seek the military and political de-escalation of the current situation in North and East Syria as the most recent events in the region constitute a serious menace to the safety and well-being of all civilians and US personnel inside Syria.

Given the fact that a vehement and staunch opponent of any military action that could likely contribute to the further jeopardization of the region’s stability was made clear, the US Ministry of Foreign affairs officially communicated that they would not approve and acquiesce to Turkey’s most recently carried out drone attacks.

Even though the foreign ministry also stated that Turkey indeed has legitimate security concerns following the violent attack in Istanbul on November 13, 2022, the US spokesperson evidently emphasized that the Turkish government’s claims of the PKK’s alleged responsibility and involvement in the perpetration could not be confirmed.

Moreover, the foreign ministry harshly condemned this attack as well as the killing of civilians and also expressed its condolences for all casualties and their relatives. It was further explicitly highlighted that the US government would oppose and reject any military action that might lead to an escalation of the ongoing crisis inside North and East Syria, which severely undermines all counter-terrorism efforts against ISIS.

Lastly, the US ministry concluded that it will continue to be committed to the maintenance of the military mission against ISIS with the provision and building of political stability as well as the eradication of all terrorist activities to constitute the highest priority.




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