North and East Syria’s internal forces announce the termination of the „Humanitarian and Security’s campaign second phase

Following the excessive outbreak of clashes and skirmishes between ISIS members and affiliates, incarcerated in the infamous Al-Hol Camp, which in January 2022 culminated in the attack on the Ghweiran prison in Al-Heseke, North and East Syria’s internal security forces have launched several campaigns, to quench the violence inside the Camp.

Thus, on August 25, 2022, a new operation, called „humanitarian and “security campaign” was launched, which now slightly comes to an end following the termination of its second phase. However, the General Command of the internal security forces also ensured that North and East Syria continues to face severe dangers and perils, due to the large number of ISIS militants currently detained in numerous camps and prisons.

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, therefore, called on the international forces to repatriate its own nationals and to support the internal security forces in its fight against mercenaries and extremist Turkish-backed militias, currently occupying large areas in North and East Syria.

In addition, it was revealed that the internal security forces succeeded in dispersing the „Hisbah apparatus“ and the „Lions of the Caliphate“, while simultaneously emphasizing the close relationship between ISIS mercenaries and the Turkish State

Suzdar Khalil, a member of North and East Syria’s Internal Security Forces issued an official statement in which she first commemorated the deceased fighters in the ranks of the SDF forces who died in combat against ISIS militants during the humanitarian and security operation in the Al-Hol Camp. She further emphasized the first results of the operation, namely the arrest of numerous ISIS members and the prevention of planned attacks and violence.

Khalil additionally pointed out the dangerous role of ISIS women inside the camp, largely responsible for the spread of ISIS’ extremist ideology and the indoctrination of particularly children, as they are very prone to radical influence and brainwashing. The majority of these women are active in the so-called „Hisba apparatus“, notorious for the perpetration of horrendous crimes and human rights violations as well as the indoctrination of other women and children. During the second phase of the humanitarian and security operation, the SDF forces managed to arrest some of the most perilous women who formerly operated through the „Hisba apparatus“.

Moreover, numerous weapons, including bombs, medium weapons, silencers, and pistols were seized and several tunnels and unfinished trenches, ISIS militants had been digging up, were discovered. Furthermore, the all-female YPJ forces succeeded in rescuing several  Yazidi girls from the grip of the extremist ISIS women who were previously subjected to brutal torture and maltreatment and subsequently transferred them to a safe environment.

Lastly, the responsible SDF forces further provided humanitarian aid to the rescued residents and people in need, inside the camp, while simultaneously calling on the Western States to repatriate their nationals as the Al-Hol Camp has evolved into a ticking time bomb.

In conclusion, 226 ISIS members and affiliates, including 36 extremist women were arrested and 25 trenches and tunnels were detected. In addition, many sharp weapons, such as knives and baggers as well as pistols, 25 grenades, and explosive material were seized.

Regarding the fact that Turkey continues to mercilessly bomb the region of North and East Syria while perpetuating its occupation of the city of Afrin since 2018 and Serekaniya since 2019, the internal forces of the AANES constantly face new challenges in combatting terrorist attacks and preventing the region’s destabilization.

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